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Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has quickly become the leading social media network. 800 million people use Facebook, with more discovering it each day. Facebook offers advertisers exciting new opportunities for reaching out to specific audiences that will actually respond. Because Facebook has access to the specific demographic data of its users, like age, family status, hobbies, and other personal information, it is much easier to target specific groups. With relatively low costs and highly effective results, it is an important component to any online marketing plan.

Options for pay-per-click or per thousand impressions are similar to that of search engines. Pay-per-click is an important tool for getting users to visit your site, while per thousand impressions is important for promoting brand image. Ad ranking is similar to that of search engines, as well depending on factors like: ad quality, performance history, and bid price. You can lower the overall cost by trying a few different ads to determine effectiveness. Bid prices vary depending upon target market type. You can set budget limits to ensure your advertising budget is not exceeded. Billing is usually on a regular, daily basis.

Whatever your overall advertising goal, we can help you establish Facebook advertising plans that meet your budget and expectations. We can give you the strategies and tools to achieve your desired results.