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Website Analysis


Every website needs a health check, if you haven’t had one in the past 12 months, then I suggest you take us up on this Analysis.

We review your site, keywords, SEO and Social Media presence. Then we have a snoop around your competitors.

After the report is complete, we’ll have a phone conversation with you or you’re welcome to have a coffee in our office to discuss your Websites Report Card!

Social Media Strategy


If you’ve been dabbling on any of the major Social Media platforms and would like to be more strategic and targeted in your approach, to receive better traffic & returns, then this session will have you jumping with joy!

If you haven’t jumped on the Social Media Savvy Train yet, but know you and your business should, then this is the perfect session for you. We cut through all the noise and strategically plan your Social Media Strategy together.

News Letter


Have you noticed every website is offering a “FREE” wiz bang E-book or report in exchange for your Name & email address? Have you also been astounded by the 500 sales emails they then bombard your email box with???

We’re not into that type of hoopla! We send 1 email to you on the 1st of every month; it’s usually a paragraph or 3. We just keep you in the loop & up to speed with everything Web & Social Media related.

So without all the ra ra hoopla hype, if you’d like to receive our newsletter, we’d like to send it to you. Jump on board below.