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Google Place Optimization

Google Places Optimization

For businesses that rely on local customers, such as restaurants, retail stores, and other services, having an optimized Google Places presence is vital to their success. When someone makes a Google search that is based on a location, a list of Google Places results is shown to them. These may be the first results seen by a potential client, and ensuring that your company is one of those displayed is important.

While it is free to start a Google Places account, there are often many other businesses in your area with pages, as well. Optimizing your page is important to ensuring that your page is in the list of Places results. Ensuring that your business has a spot on the first page of Google Places results is important to setting your company apart from what may be a large crowd of competing businesses.

How Does Google Places Optimization Work?

Optimizing your Google Places page is similar to Search Engine Optimization. Google uses its algorithm process to rank Places results. Google uses many different factors to determine which pages offer the most relevant information to its users. These may include:

  • Reviews – Google evaluates the number of reviews on your Places page, as well as their frequency and quality. Fake reviews or Spam are generally weeded out by Google’s rigorous vetting process.
  • Links – Google looks at the number of inbound links to your website to evaluate your reputation in relation to other websites.
  • Citations – This means that Google looks at how many times your business name and physical address are mention on other websites.
  • Social Activity – Google looks at whether your business is being mentioned in various social networking sites. Businesses with frequent mentions get better placement.
  • Quality of Information – Google determines whether the information on the page is complete and useful to users.

By managing your online profile, you can increase your business’ chances of appearing on the first page of Google Places results.