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Remarketing- An Exciting New Marketing Solution

Every website gets them, people who visit your website and maybe look around a little, then leave without any further action. Your advertising obviously worked, because they visited your site, they were attracted to it for some reason. Maybe they weren’t quite ready for your product and need to think about it for a little while, or they are considering a number of different providers. For most companies, these visitors are an untapped marketing resource and potential sales slip through their fingers. It doesn’t have to be that way. With remarketing, the exciting new marketing trend, you can tailor your advertising to keep your company on their minds.

Remarketing takes your automatically generated list of visitors, and installs a small JavaScript code that displays your ads to visitors whose visit did not end in a sale or conversion, using the Google network. By continuing to display your ads after they have visited you ensure that these visitors remember your site when they do need your services. These reminders can lead to increased sales and reduced advertising costs.

The ads can be targeted to different types of visitors, displaying different ads for each type. For example, a visitor who had items in a shopping cart for purchase, but abandoned it before purchasing, would receive advertisements targeted towards them relating to their abandoned purchase. Visitors who looked at a particular product line would be targeted for ads relating to that product line.

Because you are targeting a more narrow scope of customers, you will be able to structure your advertising differently. You will be able to use your budget for ads that will be directed towards the visitors who are more likely to make a purchase or conversion. This means you will be able to bid on higher quality keywords, while still spending the same amount.

With remarketing, you reduce waste, because instead of random web surfers, you are now targeting ads to people who have already expressed an interest in your brand by visiting your website. This helps to build brand equity by as much as 23% and increase traffic as much as three time more than display ads alone! All of this is possible, while reducing advertising costs per customer.

With remarketing, you build a long term relationship with potential customers. Their initial contact with your business by visiting your website becomes the first in a number of encounters. These multiple encounters ensure that your company is number one on their list of companies to do business with. When they are finally ready to make a purchase, your business will be the one they choose.

We have a proven track record in helping companies master remarketingWe can help you get started with remarketing. You simply drop your ads into the designated area, and we do the rest for you. Within 24 hours, your list will be started and you’ll begin to see increased sales and repeat traffic. We’ll serve as your guide to the hottest new marketing method, remarketing.