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Local Business SEO

January 6, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Local business SEO isn’t a fast emerging industry for no reason; SEO is the key to online success, and if you can generate customers online that will convert to sales for your business, you’re definitely onto a winner.

Think back ten years; if you wanted to get your car professionally detailed, you’d scour the phonebook for a Detailing firm. Times have changed – if you’re looking to get your car detailed nowadays, you’d put a simple search string into Google – a few seconds later you’re likely to be presented with an impressive array of instant results. No flicking through a phonebook, no out of service numbers, it’s easy to see why the search engine is quickly killing off the phonebook.

Local businesses can benefit greatly from SEO, the main reason being there is likely to be relatively low competition for their chosen keywords (of course depending on the size of the town or city your business is based in). By adding your business to Google maps, and having a small, inexpensive website set up, you can be competing for the top ranking in Google for your related business field in no time.

SEO is quite complicated, that’s why many businesses will instead pay someone else to take them to the top of the rankings. The key components of a successful SEO campaign are keyword research, website design and creation, copywriting, then linkbuilding. Some SEO companies will do it all for you…. like us!

Keyword research usually involves the name of the town or city you’re in, and the industry you’re in; take for example “Geelong car washing” and “Geelong car washing service “ – they’re just two keywords a Car wash company in Geelong might go for. Setting up a site is easy too – using WordPress to host your site means it’s highly customizable and you don’t have to touch a string of code, it’s GUI all the way!

Copywriting can be done by most people, incorporating the keywords you previously researched, if you’re not comfortable writing it can be easily outsourced. The final piece of the jigsaw is some linkbuilding when the website is created. Hey presto – your local business site can be ranked at the top of Google’s results for many search terms in just a few weeks or months depending on how competitive your terms are.

The phonebook is dead – embrace the internet before your competitors do.

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