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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Klout, Blog – What does 2012 have in store?

January 6, 2012 | By

Social Media 2012People often say there is no predicting the future, but there are certainly trends in the social media market that appear obvious.

Social media is here to stay and is going to grow larger than we thought possible. The question is how much further can it go. These are some trends you should be expecting when it comes to social media in 2012.

Content Marketing

Content marketing may seem like a new word, but it has been around for years. Several social media experts have been discussing it for quite some time now. Nevertheless, 2012 will be the time that it finally becomes mainstream. Brands themselves must “become the media,” which is exactly what some social media gurus have said for a long time already. However, for most decision makers media sounds like a scary word….because media = costs lots of money. But luckily those in charge are finally starting to understand that creating video and writing blogs can enhance customer relationship management, lead generation, and SEO.

The budgets are going to be higher

Social Media 2012

Because people are finally starting to realize the importance of content marketing, it means that there will be more creative people needed to stay competitive on the market. Companies will be looking for people who can conceptualize, create slide presentations and white papers, who can write blogs, and with considerable editorial skills. If you cannot find a social media creator who is actually like the customer that they are serving, it becomes necessary to find one who can at least put themselves into the mind of the customers.

The influence of social media

Whether we define and measure influence by PeerIndex, Kred, or Klout, it does not actually matter. Even though they are often maligned, these ranking services are trying to help people cut through the clutter of blog posts and tweets and figure out who may be interesting for them. It is doubtful that the perfect tool emerges in 2012, but it will be the year that ranking tools will be broadly adopted.

Mobile is more important than before

Is there anyone who genuinely believes that smart phone usage is going to do anything but continue to grow? That means that there are more social opportunities that would directly involve mobile devices. If you offer a website or service that does not work as it should when a person is going mobile, you are doing yourself, and your customers, a disservice.

The social network check

Some people may not realize it, but outside agencies and other companies are already using social networking information to judge potential or actual consumers in ways that we never thought possible. A few examples are law enforcements, loan distributers, and insurance. For examples, insurance companies through are already validating some claims by using social media. If you state that an unknown driver hit your car, yet your Twitter feed claims “maan soooooo wasted last night don’t remember much” – you can bet that your insurer is going to look twice at your claim.

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