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Social Media Influence – Klout

January 6, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Social Media Experts and  Social Media Guru’s have begun to get on my nerves.

It’s winter here in Australia but you’d swear it was Social Media Spring – Social Media Experts and Social Media Guru’s have sprung up everywhere. They’re a bit like agapantha’s. Agapanthas can look pretty but they are actually weeds.

The Social Media Craze has gone from madness to utter delusion and  I’m quite tempted to use a few images from Twitter and Facebook as proof examples.  I digress.

To me the words expert and guru are like nails dragging along a blackboard (I’m not a PC person and refuse to use the words chalkboard – it is a blackboard!) these words make me screw my face up and block my ears.

At a conference today I was asked how Small Business owners can check the authority and creditability of someone offering services in Social Media- so I thought I’d share part of my answer here.

If you had a problem with your gas hot water service, you’d naturally call a plumber.  But you’d soon find out that there are Plumbers, Gas Plumbers and Roof Plumbers. Not all of them are qualified to fix your hot water service. This analogy is similar to the field of Social Media. The 5 main platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Blogging.  You will generally find that a “REAL” Social Media Specialist will have a strong presence in 2 or 3 of these platforms. And just like the plumbing example there are further specialists within a platform, like  Facebook Advertisers or YouTube Marketers.

As Social Media has developed so have the monitoring, reporting and tracking tools.  And this will continue- it’s not a fad either.  Currently the easiest way is to check their Klout ( the link is to my Klout score). I’m not a huge fan of Klout as I can see it’s flaws and limitations.  However it does show me that these metrics will be important in the future, I’m sure there are at least a dozen start-ups in Silicon Valley working on a better “Authority Rank” tool right now. The Klout system can be manipulated or “gamed” as us geeks would say, but it is a start.

So Social Media Experts and Guru’s will sprout how amazing they are- just google them, find out where they are so called “experts” and steer clear if you cannot find them online!

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