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Social Media & Job Seeking – 10 things you should NEVER put on the Internet!

January 19, 2012 | By | Add a Comment

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you probably realize that social networking is the hottest way to interact with other people on the internet.

However, while social media may be a fantastic tool to keep in touch with friends, it is essential to realize that things you put on the internet do not always remain private.  If you use social media and still want people to take you seriously and possibly even hire you, these are just a handful of things you should never post on social media.

10 – Pictures that may offend

Quite simple, if you think that particular pictures would offend the most modest member of your family, do not place them on social media. Whether you think pictures are set to private and can only be viewed by a select group of people, these things have a habit of becoming exposed.

9 – Any sort of updates that could potentially be construed as negative

Even posting “TGIF” may seem harmless, but it can make you come across as a whiner, unmotivated, and dissatisfied with your current or previous job.

8 – Messages that make you come across as unprofessional

If you post “GeTTinG HaMMerED,” it does not matter whether it is a post on your own time. Companies are not going to want to be associated with people who put out a public persona like that.

7 – What is listed under your ‘interests’?

If your only listing under interests is, “4:20 all the time” do not expect a call back. It is not necessary to write, “I love going to work each day!” There is plenty of time to kiss corporate butt, but do not embarrass yourself.

6 – Never publically discuss things that should be private

Does anyone actually want to hear about a fight you may have had with a significant other on your Facebook wall? It shows you are immature and do not understand social boundarie

5 – Irritating / overly sharing status updates

We do not need to know everything about your personal life, whether we believe that our personal life is excruciatingly interesting, there are others that would disagree and could not give a damn about whether or not you “just went to Target!”

4 – Spelling mistakes and lazy grammar

It should be pretty clear that if you do not grasp the difference between you’re and your – you do not even need to bother sending in a resume. If the difference between they’re, their, and there is too much for your to handle, why should people want to talk to you

3 – Controversial opinions

Truth is that your opinions are your own, and just as you have a right to be grossed out by “redheaded people”; a company has just as much right to not hire you because of your inability to keep private opinions to yourself.

2 – Faulty resumes / inaccuracies

Chances are that if you are looking for a job, there is more than one place you may have posted your resume. If your social media profile or other resume directly contradicts what you may have written in your cover letter or resume, not only do you look like a liar, you also look like someone who does not warrant taking the time out for a job interview.

1 – Stop the complaining

Whether you mean for it to come across like this or not, if you are constantly counting down the time to 5 PM, chances are that you do not seem very motivated to be at work. This goes for your education and your previous experience, belittle your experience, education, and risk not ever getting another chance. It is all about how you portray yourself.

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