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Social Media & SEO – A recipe made in heaven

January 20, 2012 | By

Most marketing professionals understand the importance of social media and SEO optimization – but for the most part, they do not make the connection between the two.

Why exclude SEO activities from your social media marketing and vice versa? It is a proven fact that social media marketing can help spice up your SEO campaign. With effective and proper social media marketing websites, you help your SEO. These are just a few reasons you may want to consider with a SEO hybrid.

It has an impact on search engine ratings

Both Bing and Google have publically stated that everything shared on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook directly influences their ranking results. It is essential to realize search engines are constantly evolving and adapting, almost as fast as our trends and tastes are. This means that now that we have established the social media era, search engines are more concerned about how a business handles their social networking activity rather than worrying about metatags or keyword placement in a website.

It comes down to the basics of SEO

One of the core fundamentals of SEO is the fact that search engines seem to prefer pages that are updated quite frequently over those pages that remain stagnant. Therefore, if you incorporate a Twitter or Facebook feed into your website, it can influence (and improve) your ranking result. The more ‘retweets’ and ‘likes’ you get, the better your search engine ranking will be.

That is why it becomes crucial to stay relevant

This should be fun for creative minds, because it allows them use that creativity. It allows you to post images, videos and links, anything that you feel that a potential reader might have an interest in. If it is interesting enough to retweet, comment on, or like, it is going to help you with search engine listings in the end. You can increase your chances of ending up much higher on search engine rankings by simply involving yourself in social media and staying active on the social media spectrum.

SEO is about improving brand visibility right

SEO is all about becoming noticed, that is the sole reason we would want to be on the first place in search results correct? Guess what, social media provides social interaction, which means that it allows you to improve your brand’s visibility within search results. Whether you do it through blog posts, videos, profiles, or other media, it will all affect your rankings. When you share details about your business and provide them with information that is relevant to your investors/customers, you are opening yourself up to many more potential consumers. These consumers will probably have had no awareness of your company until that moment.

It is necessary to realize that social media is something worth making time for, and should always be incorporated into a successful SEO strategy. Some people may question it at times, but the true value of social networking when it comes to the benefits for SEO purposes should not be overlooked, and certainly not wasted.

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